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Dear Friends,

Hi Everyone Graeme and I really hope this letter finds you well and full of peace as we approach the coming Christmas season, how exciting!
We have so much to tell you all and report on since our last newsletter in September.

Currently, even as I write this newsletter Graeme is in the Philippines with Pastor Richard Tng of the Rock international church and joining with the local Pastors Venus and Leo Ecleo of Tacloban, doing some relief work after the Typhoon Haiyan. There is so much to do, it is wonderful that they were able to go and be on the ground working alongside the locals over this final week of November. (They plan to go back in 2014 for rebuilding and helping where needed). We hope to gather a team so keep this in mind if you would like to help in any way.

This part of their mission is in bringing medicines and relief goods, food, generators, tents and whatever else is needed for the people in Tacloban city. The medicines will be given out through doctors on the ground there treating the local people. They were able to bring 25 boxes of medicines through from Singapore, Praise God!

So many have lost their homes and basically everything and some their loved ones. My heart just breaks for the Philippines people, but I know for sure, as the team has gone to bring hope and to help in the process rebuilding and restoring all that has been lost. We know our God is faithful and He is in the business of rescuing people’s lives, just as He is sending us to partner and help these people in the restoration process for their lives. We will continue to go into the Philippines throughout 2014 with building programs and helps so if you would like to be part of this just let myself or Graeme know. Contact

We were also able to contact out dear Pastors and friends Gordon and Emie Kalich in Tacloban, Emie and Gordon were also kept safe and their family, but with much damage to their property and church, we hope to also help them in 2014 to support and rebuild their church. So far we have been able to give some Donations of funds to help the local pastors there on the ground in providing food and whatever they need for safe shelter.

If you would like to give and support the work in the rebuilding work in the Philippines and the churches please send donations through to Paula Connelly Ministries (see account details below). We continue to pray and uphold these precious people and thank our God for those that are safe our hearts are continually with them at this time.

SINGAPORE in October – ‘Heart Revolution’ one day seminar

This was our first one day ‘Heart revolution healing seminar’ in Singapore and I have to say we were so blessed! The whole day went so smooth, we could sense the hand of God over the seminar in every way and we were so blessed by the team – co joined and supported by Gem’s Women in Singapore (Thank You to Pastor Lilian and again Pastor Brenda) we so appreciated all the support – what an amazing time we had! Thank You to the lovely Poh Lin and Pastor Dianna who put so much into organising the seminar and partnered with us, they made it so easy for us to come and minister, we were incredibly blessed by their love and support and administration helps as well.

We held the seminar in the YWCA hotel and it was such a lovely intimate time with the Lords people worshipping and receiving His love. And a big THANK YOU to all the team that helped we were so blessed by the commitment and love shown to us.

Such a wonderful sense of the presence of God through the worship – thanks to Benjamin and the team! Graeme shared his heart and was warmly received for his message on grace and doing things Gods way not in our own strength. I was blessed to share on Gods rest and the message of healing to our hearts inside and out. ‘Heart revolution’ – being a complete and sudden change of heart. This is Gods desire that we have a new heart, new mind, wholeness, joy, peace and most of all total healing in our hearts that we can live out of His promises and a life of overflowing abundance.

We were blessed to pray for so many and the feedback of the prayer ministry was the main thing, how so many were touched by God. One precious lady we know had a wonderful encounter with the Holy Spirit and saw Gods angels all around her and Jesus holding his hand out to her she was so touched by God in this moment she got up rejoicing and laughing full of joy.

We believe that many hearts were touched by Gods love and the word preached and the ministry of prayer. We are definitely planning Heart revolution 2014!! We will keep you posted on the dates and venue in 2014.

If you would like to know more about any up coming events or Philippines contact or go to website
Sponsor a Pastor – in the Philippines along with Pastors Gordon and Emie Kalich of Eternal Life Ministries in Tacloban Philippines. We are monthly supporting the pastors there if you would like to contribute let us know. For approx $80 (AUD) you can sponsor a pastor and family helping them support their work in their local church. Many of them don’t receive much for pastoring, so this is a great help to them.
Also we intend to go back to Philippines in 2014 for more ministry and heart revolution seminars across the islands, bringing healing and salvation in partnership with the local churches and pastors there in the Islands.

Cambodia – still on the horizon for 2014

It has been in my heart for some time to visit Cambodia and as we have made contact with some ministries we are getting closer to planning this very special trip. Praying to work with women’s ministry/families and children’s work in Cambodia, we will have more information soon, dates TBA but hoping to go in 2014.

Graeme and I truly appreciate all the people, friends and supporters of our ministry to the nations; we are blessed by so many of you and we pray for you also Gods love and blessings to overflow. We would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved in any of the work so let us know.

If you would like to support or sponsor any of the ministry events, you can go to our website or email for more information on needs, costs of the seminars, or to sponsor a pastor or help in the Philippines.
We appreciate any donations or sponsorship support, please see account bank details below as re quested by some of you:
(or Account details – Paula Connelly Ministries Pty Ltd Australia /BSB – 063534 Account – 10546130.)

Any contributions made to this ministry go directly towards the work of the healing seminars and its costs. In the cases where donations are made for Philippines they will go directly towards those needs.
*Paula Connelly Ministries also supports and sponsors ongoing ministries and missions work to Singapore, Philippines and Africa.

‘Singapore Heart revolution seminar October 2013’
Disaster relief goods, medicines, to Philippines

We want to extend our love to you all and pray God’s blessings on you and hope to be in contact before Christmas and the new year, until then.
Much Love and Blessings,

Paula and Graeme Connelly
Contact Paula on 0438 563918/Email: /website