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About Paula

Paula is passionate about seeing people live life to the fullest and igniting dreams to reality. She travels and speaks within Australia and internationally sharing her story of healing and champions the cause of others to live whole from the inside and out. She is the Author of her first biography “Inside out” and currently working on her latest book Healthy, happy , whole – Recipes for life – full of daily devotions and inspiration plus her favourite recipes for healthy eating. 

Paula is a Certified Life Coach and Business coach she runs her own coaching practice and is the Director and founder of the Wellspring Healing Centre with a focus on bringing well being and wholeness to Hearts, minds and lives. Through weekly teaching and training Programs that bring renewal and transformation – Body, soul and Spirit. Open every Tuesday 10am to 12pm.

Our Motto ~ “Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives”

The Wellspring Healing Centre – embraces both men and women for those seeking healing and wholeness, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Contact Paula on 0438563918 or email for more information, about the weekly programs, life coaching, ministry or any other questions you might have.

Life Coaching – Certificate 4 in Life Coaching and Business. 

Credentials – SMC (ACC Special Ministry certificate Australian Christian Churches)

Paula is the director of Paula Connelly Ministries/Association along with her husband Graeme as the financial manager and co- director. Together they serve the various ministries supporting and focused on building healing and wholeness in people’s lives, partnering with other ministries, missions and churches – holding seminars and Conferences. To contact Paula for a speaking engagement email

Paula currently Speaks and travels within Australia,Asia (Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia) and France – partnering with the Connexion Healing Centre in Melun France.

  • For 30 years Graeme and Paula have served in key leadership positions.

Books and Cd’s Produced:

  • Paula is the Author of her first book titled ‘Inside out’– Unlocking God’s treasures within our hearts, plus the Inside out daily devotional in 2008 (revised 2ndedition in 2012 – published by Westbow press in the USA.)
  • Producer of two albums – Just Believe and Inside out. Available under store for more information.

Biography – Paula Connelly

Paula grew up in a large family of 6 children in the North East of Victoria. At the age of 16 Paula had an encounter with God that set her path on an exciting journey and to this day is living out that adventure.

Married in 1986 to Graeme Connelly now 31 years with three adult children, they travel and enjoy family, business and ministry together.

Paula has always aspired to reaching people with the message of healing hearts since her own journey and trial of illness in the year 2000. Paula became very ill which led her to laying down the ministry (at the time director of music at the local church)  that she loved passionately, for a time of recovery. It was over this time of recovery from ill health (chronic fatigue being a major factor) that Paula sensed a change and the call of God for Healing to the Nations and ‘Inside Out’ healing conferences plus the Vision to open a wellness centre – THE WELLSPRING HEALING CENTRE which she now directs with an incredible and dedicated team.

Paula speaks and shares about her story of healing and over the last 17 years has had the privilege to speak in Australia, Africa, Asia and France where Paula has shared her testimony of healing and seen many receive Christ and healing as a result. Through the inside out healing seminars and conferences many have discovered important and powerful keys to living in Gods rest and healing for their hearts. As society continues to pressure people, stress, anxiety and physical health issues are on the rise, however when we discover how to live out of Gods abundance and grace there is transformation and healing.

Paula has also produced two solo albums, songs of faith inspired through her journey. Her main message is to just believe and ‘never give up’ in the face of adversity. The albums reflect the message of her journey of faith and healing.

Through sharing her personal testimony of healing both physically and emotionally many have come to know freedom and healing for their hearts.

One of the things closest to her heart is to see people of all ages living transformed, healed and whole in Christ, fulfilling their entire God given purpose. Paula’s passion is to lift up men and women’s hearts and inspire them to be all they can be without fear.

Paula her husband Graeme and three adult children reside in Australia.

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