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Who We Are

DSC01337This ministry of Healing was founded in 2006 when Paula heard the call of God to Go and set up a healing ministry that would bring healing to the nations, through teaching the word of God, prayer and ministry. The Wellspring Healing Centre has been the result with weekly teaching and training

Graeme and Paula have run their own Construction Business successfully for over 28 years – Connelly Construction Services and Contemp Homes. Their vision is to underwrite missions and other ministries across Australia and internationally. They also support the work of Compassion Australia.


The Wellspring Healing Centre focuses on –  bringing healing to the whole person from the  Inside and out, this being restoration body, soul and spirit (3 John 2).

We believe that Healing is for all and that Jesus is no respecter of persons. He bore all our sins, sickness and disease and came to give us life eternal and in abundance. Isaiah 53-3-6 & John 10:10 Luke 4:18-20

The specific word given by God to this ministry was from Revelation 22:2 ‘And the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations’ (Amplified Bible translation).

This ministry provides specific teaching based on the word of God for healing, some of the key scriptures are mentioned here:

Proverbs 4:20-25 is also a foundational teaching on keeping the word of God in our hearts and thus it bringing about healing for our hearts, minds and whole beings – to all our flesh Proverbs 4:22

Proverbs 4:23 another key is guarding our hearts above all else for out of it flow the issues of life, this being a major key in having hearts full of God’s word and being free from the issues of life.

John 8:31,32 ‘if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.’

Isaiah 61 and 3 John 2 are also foundational keys of Christs Healing power in our lives.

This ministry provides: 

The Wellspring Healing Centre and through conferences, seminars and speaking.

  • Inside out healing seminars and conferences and specific events- for details email
  • We believe prayer and ministry is powerful key in bringing healing.
  • Preaching and Ministry and partnering within local Churches, ministries and missions organisations
  • Women’s ministry and events – Uplifting women in every aspect of life.
  • Worship and the presence of God are key elements of this ministry that brings focus on Gods perspective
  •  Business and leadership – Graeme and Paula have been in the construction Business for over 28 years leading and directing their own Company – CCS and Contemp Homes.

They have a strong passion in the areas of integrity in business and doing business Gods way.

They have both been in leadership within the community and church for over 32 years in various leadership roles.

They believe the success of business and in life is in putting first the kingdom of God – Matthew 6:33

The Stewardship of our gifts and talents (business) and our hearts go hand in hand, as we give the Lord our hearts He will enable us to steward what He puts in our hands faithfully. Matthew 25:21

References from Pastors:

  • Pastors Michael and Kirstin Geerling – New Life Chapel Wodonga
  • Pastors Richard and Lilian Tng – The international Rock church Sydney and Gems ministry
  • Pastors Gordon and Emie Kalich – Eternal life Ministries International Philippines.
  • Pastors Jean and Anne Majdling – Connexion Vie Eglise Melun France

The ministry is a non profit Association – sponsored by CCS Connelly Construction Services – G & P Connelly Pty Ltd.

Yearly – conferences, seminars and events are held in Australia, Asia pacific, Singapore and Philippines and France.