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August Newsletter

Dear Friends and partners,

I really hope and pray that you are all going well and you are prospering in every area of life!
The year is flying and I can’t believe how fast it is going. There are many wonderful things happening and I wanted to share them with you.

As we have been praying for open doors to the Nations of Singapore and Philippines – Doors are opening – Praise God!

Singapore – Heart Revolution healing seminar has been brought forward to 19th of October 2013.

Only 8 weeks away! This being our first one day healing seminar in Singapore but praying God will make a way for more in the future as we take the word of healing to the people. (The seminar is open for men and women and we pray for the young people also to attend.)

This is a great blessing and the team there are doing a wonderful job, preparing the way for the seminar and for the Lord!

Especially both Poh Lin and Pastor Dianna, have been an amazing blessing to Graeme and I as they have worked hard to secure a good venue, good prices and all inclusive of wonderful food menu for the day, Singaporeans’ love their food so this is a huge bonus! Healthy hearts and healthy food.

Gem’s Ministry (S) Pte LTD has enabled us to do the healing seminar under their banner which is an amazing blessing. Pastors Richard and Lilian Tng have generously given us help and support for the seminar with their team and their ministry in Singapore covering the seminar.

Great partnerships in the kingdom are such a blessing, we are blessed by them and appreciate all their support and love and labour for the Lord. We pray for them also to be blessed abundantly!

*Please keep the Singapore Heart revolution seminar in your prayers this month and next month, as we believe God to bring healing to hearts in this wonderful place.

*Pray also for finances to come in to cover every aspect of the seminar from venue to food to bringing a team and the worship team and production equipment etc…

UPCOMING – ministry to DARWIN September – 5th to 8th

How exciting just next week we go to Darwin to spend some time with the indigenous women and hold their first women’s event called Heart Life! We will be with Pastors Roger and Vivienne Latham who do an amazing work in Darwin! God is opening amazing doors and we are excited to GO in His name. Graeme and myself, Stephanie Cecil and Ellie our daughter will embark on this journey to Darwin, please pray for us, health and strength (and to cope with the hot weather.)

Pray for the women of Darwin healing in their hearts, healing in their land. They are a people who love their home land, and we are praying for healing in the hearts of the women in this time we are together. I really believe it will be a strategic time of healing for these beautiful people.

We will also be ministering at a church in Darwin with Pastor John Russo.

We would love you to Keep us in your prayer for this trip.

Singapore visit – 10th to 13th September/ Philippines 13th to 18th Sept.

Directly after Darwin I will be flying to Singapore to meet with the team and go over plans for October seminar, then onto Philippines for some missions work with Global freedom church, along with Pastor Chris Hope and his team, sharing and preaching in Manila with various church ministries.

It’s a busy couple of months but the Lord is making the way and we are excited to see what God will do in these places as we Go! in His strength and anointing.

Without Him we are nothing but with Him and in Him all things are possible!

Philippines – sponsoring a Pastor – from our trip in February we have been in contact with Pastors Gordon and Emie Kalich of Eternal Life Ministries in Tacloban Philippines. We were so touched and blessed by the work there of the pastors who lay down their lives for their communities, we have decided to set up a sponsor a pastor. For approx $80 (aud) you can sponsor a pastor and family helping them support their work in their local church. Many of them don’t receive much for pastoring, so this is a great help to them. What they do have they give to their people to buy food, they are always giving to their people before themselves and often go without. This touched our hearts and we were stirred to do something for them. We have received emails of thanks from the pastors and photos which we will attach to the newsletter. They are so happy!

We intend to go back in 2014 for more ministry and heart revolution seminars across the islands.

Cambodia 2013 –

It has been in my heart for some time to visit Cambodia and as we have made contact with some ministries we are getting closer to planning this very special trip. Praying to work with families and children’s work in Cambodia, we will have more information soon, dates TBA but hoping to go in October after the Singapore conference.

If you would like to attend or be part of the team on any of the ministry or missions trips please contact me I am setting up teams now – either call me 0438563918 or email for any information or costs on the trips.

Graeme and I appreciate all the people, friends and supporters of our ministry to the nations; we are blessed by so many of you and pray for you also that God will bless you in your work for Him.

We would love to hear from you also and if you would like to be involved let us know.

If you would like to support or sponsor any of the ministry events, you can go to our website or email for more information on needs, costs of the seminars, or to sponsor a pastor or help in the Philippines.

Philippines Pastors we sponsor

Philippines Pastors we sponsor

Philippines Pastor we sponsor

Philippines Pastor we sponsor

Philippians 4:13 I have strength for all things in Christ who strengthens me! This is the word of God to our hearts, whatever we are doing He is our strength, He is our joy! We can do all things in Him, not in our own strength but in His. I pray this word speaks to your heart as it has mine.

We appreciate very much the prayers of our dear friends and partners with us in this journey of faith. Please continue to pray in these healing meetings and open doors to the nations.

We are praying for you also Gods favour and blessings be poured out, keep us posted with how you are going and if you would like to be part of any of the trips we would love you to come and share in this healing ministry across the nations and here in Australia AND Asia.

Much Love and Blessings,

Paula and Graeme Connelly