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Newsletter November 2014

Healing to the Nations Revelation 22:2
Paula Connelly Ministries

Hello Dear Friends,

We are back from our wonderful time away overseas and feeling refreshed and renewed I must say.
We do hope you are all going well and thriving this time of the year as we prepare and head for the Christmas season.

Well I thought we would catch you up on the news and events from overseas. So many new and amazing things are happening.

FRANCE, Paris and Melun
God has heard our prayers for France- Heart Revolution!

Well what a special time we had in France holidaying and seeing the sites, but the most exciting part of all was to meet our new friends and Pastors Anne and Jean Majdling of Melun. What can we say they are beautiful people with big hearts for healing in their Nation. We were invited to partner with them in two seminars on healing the broken hearted – one to the women on the Saturday and an open seminar to all on one Sunday afternoon. We were both blessed by the attendance and hungry hearts.

Many opened their hearts and responded to the message as we shared our testimony and also some teaching about healing the broken hearted. The harvest is ripe! We had the opportunity to pray with some of the precious people there and we know God was working in their hearts, but there is more work and prayer needed to bring healing in this place.

God is truly opening these divine connections and doors to France. Anne and Jean have a mission field indeed in France, Melun is their location the south of France. Their vision for a ‘Healing and restoration Centre’ has totally inspired us as we heard what they plan to do in the future.

Talk about God putting people together! This was a divine meeting. Our hearts have connected with these amazing pastors. We have prayed and seen God answer our prayer for this open door. So from here we will continue to partner with them in this amazing vision and continue to pray for them also. The work they are doing will continue from month to month with small group meetings and seminars or special healing events, please join us and pray for Anne and Jean in Melun France. I will keep you updated on the progress of the ministry and healing centre in France.

Singapore – Ministry to the women, healing hearts.

I was blessed also to have two opportunities to share with the Kings Ladies house group. The first time on the way over to Singapore with around 12 attending the meeting, the second time (on the way back from Europe) and the group doubled in size, 26 women attended. The hearts of the women are hungry for God and for prayer ministry. We were able to pray for all of them one on one. This ministry of healing is so desperately needed as many don’t get this opportunity in the bigger churches there. We were blessed to see so many of them touched in their hearts and refreshed by God.

Thank you to dear Poh Lin and Sarah Joy for their amazing hearts and ongoing work in Singapore with the women. Please keep these women in your prayers for healing Physical from sickness and within their hearts, and the ongoing work to the women there in Singapore, we hope to go back in 2015 and do more healing ministry as God opens the doors, we will GO!

Future plans for Cambodia and Philippines. 2015
*We have had to postpone our November trip to Feb 2015.

We are planning another trip to Philippines to specifically work again and alongside Pastors Emie and Gordon Kalich – Eternal life ministries. Also Graeme is looking at the building side of things to continue the work of helping to rebuild with the Rock international church. We were able to attend the fundraiser this last weekend and see over $20,000 raised for the building work in the Philippines.

God is doing an amazing work there amongst our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, we want to continue to go and stand alongside them in their work there, many are hungry for the Lord and this is the time to GO!

Please pray with us for Gods timing, finances and ministry to the Philippines.

Cambodia – we are planning to go and visit the Mothers Heart centre, ministry to the women who have come out of human trafficking. Our plan is to go and do some ministry there and bless them, share and we hope to support their ongoing work. We are currently planning a trip for 2015 alongside the Philippines trip in Feb.

Well there is a lot to pray about as you can see the doors are open to the nations and God is on the move! So it’s in our hearts to Go with Him where ever He is.
Thank you friends for your ongoing love, prayers and support as we pray for the healing of the Nations. Revelation 22:2

It’s our hearts desire to plan for 2015 to Go again to these nations and partner with them in bringing Gods message of healing hearts and bringing life in Jesus Name. If you would like to partner with us in prayer or support or going on a trip, please let us know, we value your hearts and would love to have partners in this journey with us.

Love and Blessings,

Paula and Graeme Connelly

If you would like to know more about any up coming events or Philippines contact or go to website

Information on Sponsor a Pastor – in the Philippines along with Pastors Gordon and Emie Kalich of Eternal Life Ministries in Tacloban Philippines. There is opportunity to monthly support the pastors there if you would like to contribute let us know. For approx $80 (AUD) you can sponsor a pastor and family helping them support their work in their local church. Many of them don’t receive much for pastoring, so this is a great help to them.

If you would like to support or sponsor any of the ministry events, you can go to our website or email for more information on needs, costs of the seminars, or to sponsor a pastor or help in the Philippines.

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