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Inside Out Book – Softcover


What’s inside the heart? Who knows your heart and what’s going on, the inside of you?  Only you and God, No one else sees into the heart or looks upon the heart as God does. Is your heart healthy or is your heart troubled? Proverbs 4:23 says to “keep and guard our hearts above all, for out of it flow the issues of life!”

It’s the heart that matters and matters of the heart need to be uncovered and rediscovered. Our hearts being like containers hold the issues of life, along with all our hopes, dreams and desires. We can have hearts of faith or hearts of fear?

Hearts of peace or hurt and unforgiveness? Wounded hearts or healed?

Many today in and out of the church are burdened with the weight of the world not only on their shoulders, but in their hearts and for some a broken heart is all too familiar. But how do we find true peace, joy, love and happiness on the inside of our lives? How do we live our lives free from fear, worry, anxiety and stress?

Externally everything can look picture perfect, but there can be a storm raging on the inside of us and no peace of mind or confidence within our hearts. Jesus said “Let not your hearts be troubled” John 14:1

Through her own journey of brokenness, overcoming fear and illness, Paula Connelly shares openly how God revealed the truth about the real issues of her heart and how to live free from the inside out. Bringing restoration physically, emotionally and spiritually, (body, soul and spirit).

Your heart matters to God and what’s going on the inside of you.

Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. He has come to give each one of us, His life in abundance from the inside out, until it overflows. There are treasures waiting to be uncovered and discovered in Him today.

You can find these hidden treasures in God’s word and when put into your heart they bring healing, wholeness and life anew everyday. Through the pages of Paula’s story you will discover; How to uncover the issues of the heart, Keeping and Guarding your heart,  Overcoming fear; finding rest and peace for your heart; the heart of worship;  never losing heart and never giving up!

God’s plan for each of us is to have a brand new heart and healing starts from the inside out.

Paula Connelly Ministries is a ministry dedicated to seeing lives healed, restored and made whole in Jesus Christ, through the Word, teaching seminars and her ‘inside out’ conference held yearly.

Paula and her husband Graeme have been married for 21 years and reside with their three children in Victoria, Australia.

They are passionate about serving Jesus and building His Kingdom and His church across the earth.  Paula travels and speaks in churches, women’s ministries and events across Australia and supports various ministries and missions overseas.

The Connelly family are all passionate about serving their local church and have been part of Faith City for 22 years in regional Victoria.

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